When she was 10 years old, Rebecca’s mom gave her an easel, paint and several How To Draw books (animals, figures, etc).  Despite the embarrassment of getting a book of pictures of naked people from her mom, Rebecca knew then she wanted to be an artist.  After 3 years in college she left her Midwestern roots and moved to Los Angeles where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art. In addition to her painting, Rebecca also co-founded a successful visual effects company, working amongst other roles as a supervisor, art director and artist. Currently, Rebecca devotes her time to her painting. Her work combines acrylic paint with a variety of papers that expresses her fascination with texture. Her paintings fuse representational and abstract elements to better capture both the subject and the emotion of the moment. “Art allows us to see the familiar through new eyes and give voice to our subconscious. It is a journey of transformation. 

Currently showing at:

Ten Women Gallery          Santa Monica, CA


Tag Gallery                      Los Angeles, CA





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